Maryland workers' compensation benefits
Maryland workers' compensation laws are written to benefit the workers. Here's everything you need to know about how to make a successful claim.

Maryland Workers’ Compensation Benefits Process

The laws and court system in each state determine how to file your workers’ compensation benefits claim. Anyone with a workplace illness or injury may qualify for medical benefits and lost wages from Maryland workers’ compensation. Below, we’ll review the Maryland workers’ compensation program trends from 2014-2018 and explain the steps to apply for benefits.

Which Employers Must Provide Workers’ Compensation Coverage?

Every employer with one or more employees in this state must carry Maryland workers’ compensation insurance. This typically covers part-time and full-time workers. Here are the only people not automatically covered under current Maryland workers’ comp laws:

  • Federal and state workers (i.e., USPS employees, elected officials)
  • Agricultural employers with no more than two employees or less than $15,000 in their annual payroll
  • Sole proprietors and their business partners

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How to Apply for Maryland Workers’ Compensation Benefits

If you get hurt or sick while doing your job, your employer must pay your medical bills. In some cases, workers’ comp also pays part of your lost wages while you take time off to recover. Follow these steps to apply for Maryland workers’ compensation:

  1. Seek emergency medical attention first, if needed. Then, notify your supervisor or employer within 10 days of your accident date. If you fail to meet this 10-day notification window, you may not qualify for Maryland workers’ compensation benefits.
  2. You must then file your claim and mail it to the Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission (WCC) within 60 days. Your employer should give you Employee Claim Form C-1 to fill out and submit. Otherwise, you can download the form here and print it out yourself. It takes the WCC about 2-3 business days to process your claim once they receive your form.
  3. Once you miss more than three work shifts after your accident, you may qualify for income replacement benefits. The state won’t pay for those first three days off until after you miss 14 days total at work.
  4. If approved, you should get your first payment within 15 days after submitting your claim.
  5. You should receive a mailed notice within 30 days if your employer’s insurer denies your claim. If this happens, a WCC Commissioner will schedule a hearing to resolve your claim dispute. You must resolve your claim dispute within two years of your accident to receive any Maryland workers’ compensation benefits.

Every Maryland workers’ compensation claim is unique, so your own process may vary. For more information, see this WCC Claim Process Flow Chart.

Maryland Workers’ Compensation Statistics, 2014-2018

You can find workers’ compensation program data for most states in the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) annual report. It lists total claims, job sector-specific data and how many people received work restrictions or changed positions. Our interactive chart shows how the Maryland workers’ compensation program changed from 2014-2018 below:

Overall, workers’ compensation claims fell 9% from 2014-2017. While total claims rose the following year, this number represents just 1.01% of the state’s population. The most surprising thing is how many service-industry workers filed workers’ comp claims in Maryland during this five-year period. In 2014, 66% of total claims filed came from injured service-industry employees. That number fell to 60% in 2017, representing a 17% drop from its peak back in 2014. Still, service-industry workers appear to file the most Maryland workers’ comp claims in any given year. People with injuries bad enough to make them miss work, receive job restrictions or transfer positions stayed remarkably stable. That red line represents just over half of all claims filed during this timeframe (52%-58%).

2018 Maryland workers’ comp program data shows insurance companies disputed 43% of claims that year. Yet the WCC only denied 2.6% of those claims on appeal! This is a good reason to talk to an experienced Maryland workers’ compensation attorney about your case.

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