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Here you can access critical information to learn more about how to qualify, what to expect from the process, how to get your case approved, and more.

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The Social Security Disability Approval Guide has been built to help first-time applicants, denied applicants, and recently disabled persons get the care they need. Social Security was established in order to help citizens provide for their own welfare when they are no longer capable of work so that they do not become a burden on society as a whole.

The lengthy application process often frustrates applicants, and they become neglectful of their applications. As a result, the majority of first-time applicants are denied Social Security disability benefits. An appeals process is in place to get you the care you need and the money you have paid into the system for five or more years. If your claim has been denied, you have the right to appeal the denial and get back-pay for each day since you became disabled.

You may be entitled to legal representation for your claim. A lawyer or advocate may be able to get your claim approved faster because they understand the process, the legal requirements, and the legal language surrounding the applications. The vast majority of applicants don’t have that level of Social Security disability information and can’t navigate the process as smoothly.

If you want to give your application or appeal the best chance at getting approved, complete a free evaluation to see if you qualify for a no-obligation discussion with an attorney or advocate in your area to see how to best proceed with your application for Social Security disability benefits.

First-Time Disability Applicants

How to Apply

  • The vast majority of people that get approved for benefits at the various levels have the help of a professional Social Security advocate or attorney.
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How Long Does It Take?

  • The amount of time it takes for Social Security disability claims to be approved is dependent upon several factors, including expedited claims and appeals.
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Getting Approved Faster

  • No one can guarantee a faster approval time, but there are certain ways that qualified individuals can better streamline the process.
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Appealing Disability Denials

How to Appeal a Denial

  • Most people are initially denied when they apply on their own. You can still re-apply or appeal denied Social Security claims with the help of a qualified social security disability advocate or attorney.
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Disability Approval Process

  • After you submit your disability claim, a representative of the SSA will evaluate your claim to determine if you meet the basic requirements to receive benefits.
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Legal Representation

  • People often fear that a legal representative will be too expensive, but our network of Social Security attorneys and advocates only get paid a regulated amount if you win.
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Social Security Disability Articles

What Is Social Security Disability?

  • Social Security disability is a program from the Social Security Administration (SSA) that helps Americans who cannot work due to medical issues.
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Qualify for SSD

  • To qualifying for Social Security disability benefits you must be diagnosed with a mental or physical condition that keeps you from work for at least a year.
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  • While both of these programs offer assistance to disabled individuals, there are key differences in each program that future beneficiaries should be made aware of.
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Qualifying Conditions

  • If you suffer from a condition found on the Compassionate Allowances (CAL) list, you may be eligible to have your claim expedited.
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