10 Most Common Conditions for Social Security Disability Claims

There are many mental and physical health conditions that may lead to someone filing for Social Security disability benefits. The Social Security Administration has a Blue Book listing certain qualifications for Social Security disability benefits, and if an individual meets the criteria and the definition for a particular disability, they may be granted Social Security disability.

There are some conditions that cause people to file an SSD claim more than others. The most common issues were related to muscle, back and joint disorders such as back pain and arthritis. These accounted for  28.6 percent of new claims and 28.7 existing claims. Spine and nervous system conditions including multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer’s had the second-highest rate for existing applications at 15.2 percent, while new claims for these issues was at 7.7 percent. The second-highest rate for new claims was for cancer and tumors, which came in at 15.1 percent while existing applications accounted for 9.1 percent.

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 10 most common conditions for social security disability claims

Other common conditions included cardiovascular and circulatory diseases such as heart disease and hypertension, accidents, injuries and poisonings and mental illnesses and behavioral disorders like depression and substance abuse. The list also included respiratory system disorders like emphysema, infections and parasitic diseases such as meningitis, ill-defined conditions including headaches and chronic fatigue and digestive system disorders such as gastritis.

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