What Is Social Security Disability

Social Security disability is a program from the Social Security Administration (SSA) that helps Americans who cannot work due to medical issues. The program is designed for people who have paid Social Security taxes throughout their working years and are currently in need of financial assistance to make ends meet. To be eligible for Social Security disability, you must be unable to perform your current job or a similar job for at least a year, and you must meet the SSA’s definition of disabled.

Qualified Social Security disability applicants may also be able to receive a lump sum cash payment for the months they were unable to work prior to receiving their first Social Security disability check. Once an applicant has received at least 24 months of disability benefits, they may qualify for Medicare medical insurance. Medicare can provide further healthcare-related assistance that you may need.

Speak with a Disability Advocate or Attorney

When it comes to applying for Social Security disability hiring an advocate or attorney can be one of the most valuable steps to take. Disability advocates and attorneys have experience gathering medical documentation, communicating with the SSA, and helping qualified individuals get monthly Social Security disability benefits. If qualifying for monthly disability benefits is important to you, let us help you connect to an advocate or attorney in your area for a free.

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