Workers' Compensation Benefits
Workers' compensation benefits cover a range of accidents and injuries—but how do you know if they will cover yours? Get more details here.

What Will Workers’ Compensation Benefits Cover?

Individual states handle claims for workers’ compensation benefits differently. The rules and regulations are usually similar across the board. But the legalities may slightly vary depending upon what state you’re in. Here’s more insight into what may be covered once you are approved for workers’ compensation.

What Medical Conditions Are Covered Under Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

Workers’ compensation benefits were established in order to help employees who sustained a work-related medical issues. In most states these issues had to have occurred during the course of your job in order to be eligible. Injury and illness are two conditions that are almost always covered.

Injuries that may qualify for workers’ compensation benefits usually occur unexpectedly. For example, falling off a ladder or slipping and falling during your shift are clearly accidents. You didn’t foresee the injury happening; it simply happened while performing your required duties. Individuals who experience a work related injury should seek appropriate treatment and inform your employer. In many states their is a set timeframe in which claims should be filed after an injury happens.

When it comes to occupational illnesses, the disease has to have been contracted within your work environment. In most states evidence is usually required that can tie together the illness and your occupation. The scope of occupational-related illness may vary depending on where you work.

What Expenses Are Covered by Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

Typically, workers’ compensation benefits cover medical expenses, income for time off of work, retraining that may be needed, or rehabilitation. Paying for these types of expenses may take some stress off of employees who may be struggling financially after an injury or illness.

You May Qualify for Legal Assistance

Navigating through the workers’ compensation claims process can be tricky. From decoding legal jargon to dealing with your employers insurance company, may people find that having legal representation can be extremely beneficial.

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