April 2016 SSD Benefits Statistics
The Social Security Administration has released April 2016 Social Security disability benefits statistics. See how April's statistics may impact your claim.

April 2016 SSD Benefits Statistics Update

Every month, the Social Security Administration (SSA) releases statistics on the disability benefits program. These statistics give current and future beneficiaries a better understanding of what to expect on a month-to-month basis and allow for a more in-depth look at benefits as a whole. Below, we’ll highlight some significant numbers in the April 2016 SSD benefits statistics report, including monthly beneficiaries as well as monetary average amounts.

Overview of April 2016 SSD Benefits Statistics

Total Number of Social Security Disability Benefit Beneficiaries: 10,786,000

Disabled Workers: 8,888,000
Spouses of Disabled Workers: 139,000
Children of Disabled Workers: 1,760,000

Average Monthly Social Security Disability Benefit Amount: $1,022.55

Disabled Workers: $1,166.13
Spouses of Disabled Workers: $319.97
Children of Disabled Workers: $352.94

April 2016 SSD Benefits Statistics Report: Looking Deeper at the Beneficiaries Stats

The April statistics report reveals only small changes since March. Out of the statistics showed one of the biggest changes lies within the total number of recipients collecting disability benefits. This is where we saw a small increase of 1,000 beneficiaries, most amongst the children of disabled workers. While this figure may not seem significant, it does show that benefits are remaining steady. Here’s a look at where benefits fell over the past 12 months.

April 2016 SSD Benefits Statistics - Monthly Beneficiaries

For a more in-depth look at how number changed during the first quarter, check out our 2016 Q1 overview.

April 2016 SSD Benefits Statistics Report: Looking Deeper at the Monetary Stats

April saw one of the biggest increase in benefits since February 2016. This increase was only $.22, but it can be seen as a positive for future beneficiaries who are considering applying. Knowing what the average is before you apply can give you a better idea of what to expect. Here’s a look at how the monetary statistics have changed during the past 12 months. The average monetary value represents disabled workers, spouses of disabled workers, and children of disabled workers.

April 2016 SSD Benefits Statistics - Monthly Monetary Averages

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