Check Your Social Security Disability claim status

Why You Should Check Your Social Security Disability Claim Status

In a world that celebrates instant gratification and immediate access, waiting on Social Security disability (SSD) claim approval is stressful. So when is a good time to check on your Social Security disability claim status? The amount of time between your application and approval dates will vary, depending on your health condition and work history. But on average, it takes at least 3-5 months to hear an answer. Keep reading to learn when and how you should check your claim status below.

Why Do You Need to Check Your Social Security Disability Claim Status?

After you apply, you’ll spend more time waiting to hear back than you might think. Checking on your Social Security disability claim status can put your mind at ease and help you figure out next steps.

There are a variety of reasons to check your Social Security disability claim status. Starting about one month after you file, you’ll want to follow up with the Social Security Administration (SSA) to find out if they made a decision. You will also want to ask them the status on a few questions.

4 Good Reasons to Check Your Social Security Disability Claim Status After You File

Reason #1: Misplaced Paperwork

Unfortunately, there are so many claims that get filed each year, paperwork can get lost, misplaced or misfiled, which can prolong the process. However, in some cases, you may not be notified of a problem with your application, which could lead to your claim being denied. Checking on your status allows you to ask if the Social Security Administration has everything it needs in order to make a decision.

Reason #2: Learning Next Steps

Checking on your claim status can also help you discover if there are any steps you can take to speed up the process. If the Social Security Administration needs additional information or replacement papers, you can take care of that more quickly with a follow-up.

Reason #3: Knowing the Right Questions to Ask

When it comes to checking in, your Social Security disability lawyer can assist you because they will know when you should follow up and what questions you should ask in order to get the answers you need. For example, if the Social Security Administration needs additional information, your advocate will know to ask if the organizations need information from hospitals, doctors and/or labs.

Reason #4: Timeliness

You might want to check in often, but it’s best to follow up on your claim about once a month. However, if you submit new information, you may want to check back sooner to ensure it was received. If the SSA denies your claim, you have 60 days to file an appeal. If you don’t get your denial letter in a timely fashion, it limits how quickly you can try to reverse that decision. Therefore, following up saves important time and helps you make decisions more quickly if needed.

How to Check Your Social Security Disability Claim Status

You can call the local Social Security office or the SSA’s toll-free number to check your claim status: 1-800-772-1213. Another option? Call your state DDS office (you can get this number from your local Social Security office). This allows you to directly contact the Social Security disability examiner in charge of making the decision on your claim.

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