Nevada Workers’ Compensation Benefits Process

Nevada Workers' Compensation

Workers’ compensation claims are handled at the state level. This means injured employees who are looking to file a claim in Nevada will need to follow the specific procedure that the state has in place. Below is a brief overview of what the process typically entails and statistical insights into the history of the program.

What is the Nevada Workers’ Compensation Process?

In the state of Nevada, employers with one or more employees must have workers’ compensation insurance. This type of insurance protects both parties in the event of a workplace injury or illness. According to the State of Nevada Department of Business & Industry, these are the typical steps that employees who are injured on the job will likely follow when filing for workers’ compensation:

  1. If you are injured on the job or obtain a workplace illness, it’s crucial to notify your supervisor as soon as possible.
  2. Your employer should then provide you with Form C-1 “Notice of Injury or Occupational Disease” to fill out.
  3. In the state of Nevada, injured employees are required to seek medical assistance from a healthcare provider that is authorized by their employer. If your injury is considered urgent, then you can seek treatment at an emergency facility.
  4. When visiting the doctor for the first time it’s important to inform them that your injury is work related, they should then provide you with a form to fill out (Form C-4 “Employee’s Claim for Compensation/Report of Initial Treatment”).
  5. From there, the claims process should begin and a determination will be made by your employer’s insurance company regarding your eligibility for compensation.
  6. If you receive an unfavorable decision, you have every right to appeal your claim with the state department.

It’s important to keep in mind that the steps above provide a general overview of the process. Every Nevada workers’ compensation claim is different and may follow a unique path towards approval. For more information on the worker’s compensation process in Nevada, it may be beneficial check out the Nevada Department of Industrial Relations website.

Workers’ Compensation Statistics

Each year the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) releases a report on the workers’ compensation process in nearly every state. This report notes the number of claims that were filed, how many employees’ were forced to miss work due to their injury, and what specific industry the claims came from. In the chart below, you can see where Nevada workers’ compensation claims fell from 2010 to 2014.

As you can see in the statistics above, the Nevada workers’ compensation program experienced a slight uptick in the last five years. Though the fluctuation is not much, changes like this are normal within the workers’ compensation program in nearly every state.

How Do You File a Nevada Workers’ Compensation Claim?

If the Nevada workers’ compensation process feels overwhelming, you’re not alone. Many injured employees will turn to a legal representative to help them file a claim. A workers’ compensation attorney knows the appropriate procedure that must be followed and can better assist with any questions that may arise. In addition, an attorney may also be able to help applicants with collecting appropriate paperwork, negotiating with the insurance company, and if necessary can appeal a denied claim.

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