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As the largest generation in the United States, Baby Boomers impact Social Security in a big way—and they may change the program forever.

The Baby Boomer Effect on Social Security Disability

Who Is a Baby Boomer?

“Baby boomers” qualify as those born between 1946 and 1964. According to the website History, 76.4 million babies were born during this time period, accounting for nearly 40% of the U.S. population. Most of the baby boomer generation spent the majority of their lives paying into Social Security, and many are now beginning to draw on their investment.

Why A Baby Boomer Might Apply for Social Security Disability Benefits

As of 2021, aging baby boomers are between 57 and 76 years old. And with every passing year, aging’s effects begin to manifest in a massive portion of the population. Physical disabilities set in, mental disabilities take hold, and poor economic performance robs many Americans of the jobs they once held at a time when finding new employment — with adequate benefits — is nearly impossible. Any baby boomer whose health stops them from working before reaching full retirement age can apply for Social Security disability benefits. This program can provide them with financial support in order to make ends meet.

How Baby Boomer Applicants Affect Everyone’s Benefits

The number of disabled baby boomers in the workforce has led to a surplus in Social Security applications, creating a backlog of disability claims. This, combined with the SSA’s strict guidelines, is causing many applicants to experience longer wait times and additional application delays.

Though the system is flooded with baby boomer applications, those with dire needs claims (such as a compassionate allowance condition) can still get their applications on the fast-track to approval. Claims that qualify for expediting may receive approval and initial payments in as little as two weeks.

Getting Through The Backlog

Unfortunately, there are no backdoors to faster claim approval. However, there is a way to increase your odds of first-time approval after you apply for benefits. (Warning: The average first-time applicant approval rate is only 20%.)

A Social Security disability attorney can make sure your initial benefits application meets all requirements. An attorney or advocate understands the process as well as how long it should typically take to receive payments. A lawyer can help you collect proper documentation, contact the SSA on your behalf, and represent your appeal, if needed. In addition, filing your claim through a lawyer makes you 2x more likely to win benefits on your first application. Those who qualify for legal assistance through this website typically receive $10,000 in lump-sum backpay as well as monthly benefits. People who apply without legal assistance will likely wait 18-24 months before their first check arrives, if approved.

You don’t have time to wait for an approval. Start to give your application its best chance at approval when you get a free evaluation today.

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