Qualifying for Veterans Disability Benefits with PTSD

veterans disability benefits with PTSD

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is one of the most common mental health conditions associated with military duty. This condition usually occurs in military personnel who’ve been involved in a traumatic event and can cause them to experience nightmares and other forms of anxiety. Veterans who suffer from PTSD may qualify for veterans disability along with other health care benefits. If you’re a veteran who is suffering from PTSD due to active military service, this article can provide you with information about specific qualifications and how to apply or appeal an unfavorable decision.

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Eligibility for Veterans Disability Benefits

Before you decide to apply for veterans disability benefits with PTSD, it’s important to know what the U.S Department of Veterans Affairs considers an eligible claim. According to the VA, qualified veterans must have received an honorable discharge from the military and suffer from a disability that directly correlates with their active service.

In 2010, the VA simplified the disability application process for veterans seeking compensation for PTSD by pulling back on the documentation requirements. While the VA will still require that veterans provide evidence of the stressor that caused PTSD to occur, they will not require evidence of the actual event. This not only helped reduce the time it takes to file but also alleviated the stress that many veterans felt when trying to prove their claim. Veterans will also need to be prepared to provide the VA a PTSD diagnosis from a licensed psychiatrist.

Determining a VA Rating for PTSD

VA ratings range from 0%-100% and help the VA with determining what your earnings capacity is based on your disability. These ratings are important for veterans because it helps determine what their monthly compensation may be.

The General Ratings Formula for Mental Disorders is the method that the VA uses when assigning a disability rating for PTSD. This formula takes into account the severity of your symptoms when determining what your rating may be. A rating of 0%, 10%, 30%, 50%, 70%, or 100% will be allocated based on the severity of your PTSD diagnosis and the symptoms it has caused. A general outline of what the rating formula consists of is started in section 4.130 schedule of ratings – mental disorders. This can be a good reference of veterans with PTSD to turn to before they apply, as it may give insight into a potential VA rating.

How to Appeal a Denied Veterans Disability Claim

When appealing a denied benefits claim, many veterans will seek out the help of a VA accredited attorney. Attorneys with an accreditation from the VA, have proven that they know the ins and out of the system and can help veterans with all aspects of the appeals process. For example, legal representatives can assist you with collecting proper medical documentation, contacting the VA, and representing you in the court of law.

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