November 2019 Veterans Disability Benefits Statistics Report Analysis

November 2019 veterans disability benefits statistics report

We now have the November 2019 veterans disability benefits statistics report numbers from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Below, we’ll explain how VA disability compensation and pension claim numbers changed within the last 30 days.

November 2019 Veterans Disability Benefits Statistics: Claims Inventory Status

The November 2019 veterans disability benefits statistics report shows total disability compensation and pension claims awaiting the VA’s determination decision. On November 2, the inventory held 367,498 unrated VA claims. It’s not surprising to see a rise in the claims inventory this time of year. Seasonally, this is the first month after the federal government announces its annual cost-of-living-adjustment (COLA) increase for the coming year. Starting in January 2020, all veterans in active-payment status will receive a 1.6% monthly benefits increase.

  • As of November 2, 2019: 367,498
  • As of October 5, 2019: 362,722
  • Difference: +4,776
  • Daily churn: +239 claims

So, how does this increase in the November 2019 veterans benefits report’s claims inventory affect those waiting for benefits? Original entitlement claims make up just over 35% of this month’s inventory. About 1 in 3 initial claims are from veterans with service-connected disabilities applying for VA benefits. Supplemental claims make up the other 65% in November’s inventory category. The number that stood out is that 47% of pending VA claims are for worsening or additional medical conditions. That means nearly half the vets filing disability compensation claims this month got diagnosed with something new or felt worse. We sincerely hope the VA processes these claims quickly and pays those vets all the money they deserve!

November 2019 Veterans Disability Benefits Statistics: Claims Backlog Status

Pending inventory claims automatically transfer into the VA’s backlog category once 125 days pass with no determination decision. Unfortunately, the November 2019 veterans disability benefits statistics report shows a moderate jump in backlogged claims since October:

  • As of November 2, 2019: 73,019
  • As of October 5, 2019: 71,017
  • Difference: +2,002
  • Daily churn: +100 claims added to the backlog

We expect the claims backlog grow this time of year, and the November 2019 veterans disability benefits report bears this out. Seasonally, more vets file VA benefits claims in the fall. Add in the fact that the feds just announced a COLA increase for 2020, and it only makes sense. According to the November 2019 veterans disability benefits statistics report, about 1 in 5 claims this month got backlogged. The current average processing time for fully developed VA claims is 94 days; for all others, it’s about 100 days. That means it’s inevitable that some VA claims take much longer to review before rendering a determination decision. This month, about 1 in 10 claims submitted to the VA listed eight or more unrated conditions.

Obviously, the VA wants to complete these claim reviews as quickly as possible. With that many conditions to review and assign a VA rating, though, speed is less important than accuracy. Still, the VA admits that it made the wrong decision in about 12% of claim reviews in the last year. If you’re concerned about your own VA claim getting the wrong rating or denied in error, talk to a lawyer!

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