July 2022 Veterans Disability Benefits Statistics Report Analysis

July 2022 Veterans Disability Benefits Statistics Report Analysis

We have the July 2022 veterans disability benefits statistics report from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Every pending VA disability, pension, and survivor’s claim that needs disability ratings or payment approvals appears in this monthly update. See how this month’s newest numbers may impact veterans waiting on VA benefits in our analysis below.

July 2022 Veterans Disability Benefits Statistics: Claims Inventory Status

The July 2022 veterans disability benefits report shows all pending applications requesting either VA disability ratings or payment approvals. As of July 2, the VA listed a little less than 595,000 total outstanding claims:

  • As of July 2, 2022: 594,961
  • As of June 4, 2022: 597,694
  • Difference: -2,733
  • Daily churn: -137 claims

According to July’s report, veterans now wait anywhere from 122-144 days to get a decision on their VA claims.

Now, some bad news: The VBA’s 3-month claim accuracy rating fell below 89% for July. That means 1 in 10 vets filing claims this spring likely got the wrong VA rating on at least one condition. If you feel like you’re getting paid too little in VA disability compensation each month, file an appeal! We can connect you with a VA-accredited attorney to review your paperwork free of charge. And if you win more money on appeal, then your attorney can force the VA to pay your legal fees!

July 2022 Veterans Disability Benefits Statistics: Claims Backlog Status

Backlogged claims include any unrated claims still pending the VA’s determination decision after 125 days. The July 2022 veterans disability report shows the VA’s still clearing out several hundred backlogged claims daily:

  • As of July 2, 2022: 177,074
  • As of June 4, 2022: 193,795
  • Difference: -16,721
  • Daily churn: -836 claims cleared from the backlog

Since current claim-processing time is 4+ months, most end up in the VA’s backlog.

These states take the longest to process VA disability claims, according to July’s report:

  • 259 days – New Hampshire
  • 237 days – Alaska
  • 234 days – Iowa
  • 222 days – Michigan
  • 221 days – North Dakota
  • 215 days – Delaware
  • 202 days – Louisiana

Here’s how long it takes the VA to process appealed claims in this month’s report:

  • 330 days to review appealed claims with no new evidence (i.e., “direct reviews”); the avg. win rate is 29%
  • 415 days to process appeals that include new medical evidence; 1 in 3 succeed
  • 526 days for appealed cases requesting a hearing before a judge; 41% win their cases

More than 1 in 10 veterans are mistakenly denied VA benefits or get the paid the wrong benefit amount. Why not ask a local VA-accredited lawyer to review your application for free? In fact, you can sign up for a free, no-obligation phone call with a local advocate today!

You pay $0 for legal assistance unless you win additional cash benefits. And if you do win, then you’ll only pay a small, one-time fee (or possibly nothing at all).

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