May 2020 Veterans Disability Benefits Statistics Report

May 2020 Veterans Disability Benefits Statistics Report Analysis

Let’s dive into the May 2020 veterans disability benefits statistics report numbers from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Learn how VA disability compensation and pension claim numbers changed within the past 30 days in our analysis below.

May 2020 Veterans Disability Benefits Statistics: Claims Inventory Status

The May 2020 veterans disability benefits statistics report lists all unrated VA compensation and pension claims. On May 2, the VA claims inventory held 373,260 pending applications. May’s report marks our second major month-over-month drop in VA claim filings this year:

  • As of May 2, 2020: 373,260
  • As of April 4, 2020: 405,730
  • Difference: -32,470
  • Daily churn: -1,623.5 claims

It looks like significantly fewer vets recently filed claims for disability compensation and pension payments. This likely resulted from the 56 regional VA offices closing mid-March due to the coronavirus pandemic. That said, it’s still relatively easy to file your benefits application through a VA-accredited attorney for free. Veterans with fully developed claims can also file online, which potentially shaves one week off your processing time. About 1 in 3 claims (32.4%) come from first-time filers, and 29% are for VA disability compensation. Surviving spouses, children and parents make up 2.2% of first-time claims, while new pension applicants account for the rest. Most new unrated claims in the May 2020 veterans disability benefits statistics report are supplemental (62.3%). In fact, 41% come from vets requesting increased evaluations or claiming additional service-connected disabilities.

May 2020 Veterans Disability Benefits Statistics: Claims Backlog Status

After 125 days without a VA determination decision, any unrated claims automatically transfer into the backlog. The May 2020 veterans disability benefits statistics report shows a relatively large jump in backlogged claims this month:

  • As of May 2, 2020: 80,155
  • As of April 4, 2020: 74,625
  • Difference: +5,530
  • Daily churn: +276.5 claims added to the backlog

VA staffers still try to review claims as quickly as possible, despite office closings. However, claims that require in-person C&P exams are most likely to experience processing delays. We recently covered this topic in our Covid-19 FAQs for Veterans article. We will update it with new information when the situation changes. About half the backlogged claims this month come from Vietnam (32%) and Gulf War veterans (30%).

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