May 2019 veterans disability benefits statistics report

May 2019 Veterans Disability Benefits Statistics Report Update

The May 2019 veterans disability benefits statistics report is out from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Below, we’ll explain how VA disability pension and compensation claims numbers changed in the last month.

May 2019 Veterans Disability Benefits Statistics: Claims Inventory Status

The May 2019 veterans disability benefits statistics report lists all applications pending the VA’s ratings decision. On May 4, there were 375,100 unrated VA disability compensation and pension claims in the inventory category. Wow, are we going to see a big jump in the claims inventory every other month for 2019? I guess anything’s possible… seems like an odd trend, but we’ll keep an eye on it for you.

  • As of May 4, 2019: 375,100
  • As of April 6, 2019: 360,992
  • Difference: +14,108
  • Daily churn: +704.4 claims

What’s interesting to note is that the VBA’s claim-level ratings accuracy now sits at 87.37% for 2019’s first quarter. That means more than 1 in 10 VA disability benefits applications gets given the wrong rating by mistake. If you’re a disabled vet applying for VA benefits, consider having a VA-accredited lawyer review your claim. Otherwise, you have a nearly 13% chance of missing out on the max benefit payment you rightly deserve.

May 2019 Veterans Disability Benefits Statistics: Claims Backlog Status

After 125 days, the VA moves any unrated claims still pending their decision into the backlog. While backlogged claims rose slightly last month, May’s report more than made up for that in cleared-out claims.

  • As of May 4, 2019: 76,085
  • As of April 6, 2019: 80,501
  • Difference: -4,416
  • Daily churn: -221 claims cleared from the backlog

First-time applicants make up less than half the claims backlog this month (45%). That means most delayed claim reviews are for supplemental conditions. In other words, most vets stuck in the claims backlog right now already receive some VA benefits each month. Surviving spouses, children or parents make up another 4% of the backlog in the May 2019 veterans disability benefits report. Also, Vietnam (25%) and Gulf War-era vets (32%) make up most backlogged claims, followed closely by post-9/11 service members.

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