Can Men with Prostate Cancer be Eligible for Social Security Disability?

Prostate Cancer and Disability

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has added prostate cancer to the list of conditions that are considered a compassionate allowance, and therefore, men with this disease are eligible for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits. What’s more, they can also receive expedited attention for their disability decision.

Prostate Cancer and Disability Benefits

According to the SSA, a compassionate allowance is a way to quickly and easily identify conditions that constantly qualify as disabled under the listing of impairments based on minimal information. These allowances allow the SSA to target the most obvious disabilities based on objective medical evidence that’s easily obtainable.

According to the Social Security disability and SSI Resource Center, one out of every six men will develop prostate cancer during their lifetime.

You May Qualify for Free Legal Assistance

If you have difficulty standing, sitting or walking and are unable to work due to prostate cancer, then you may qualify for disability benefits. Reading about it can only give you a basic idea as to whether you may qualify, but until you talk with someone and explain your situation, you may never know. We recommend speaking with a disability advocate, it is free and they will have the best answers for you. They work with the SSA every day and see hundreds of cases similar to yours. You are already reading about it, so take the next step to find out if you may be eligible. Click on the button below to start your free benefits claim evaluation now.

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