September 2018 SSD benefits statistics report

September 2018 SSD Benefits Statistics Report

The September 2018 SSD benefits statistics report from the Social Security Administration is here, and so is our analysis. Each month, the SSA’s report lists any beneficiary and dollar amount changes in the past 30 days. This allows anyone to compare their own SSD benefits to the national average. Below, we’ll explain how payments and beneficiary numbers changed for disabled workers, their spouses and dependents since last month’s update.

September 2018 SSD Benefits Statistics Update

Total Number of Social Security Disability Beneficiaries: 10,213,000

Disabled Workers: 8,585,000

Spouses of Disabled Workers: 120,000

Children of Disabled Workers: 1,508,000

Average Monthly Social Security Disability Benefit Amount: $1,066.01

Disabled Workers: $1,198.67

Spouses of Disabled Workers: $340.47

Children of Disabled Workers: $368.30

How the September 2018 SSD Benefits Statistics Report Affects Beneficiaries

We noted 12,000 fewer total beneficiaries in the September 2018 SSD benefits statistics report compared to August. This continues the year-long downward trend for SSD claimants, regardless of category.

The September 2018 SSD benefits report shows 1,000 fewer spouses in active payment status, but dependent children gained 1,000 claimants. Each month, the SSA audits disability rolls to remove anyone who died, found work or reached their full retirement age. In addition, the SSA tracks fraudulent activity reports and removes those claimants before publishing the next month’s statistical snapshot.

September 2018 SSD Benefits Statistics - Monthly Beneficiaries

September 2018 SSD Benefits Statistics: Looking Deeper at the Monetary Stats

All claimants in the September 2018 SSD benefits statistics report got paid more this month. The biggest raise went to spousal beneficiaries, with $1.18 more added to their checks compared to August. Next, the SSA paid children $.56 more, then disabled workers got a modest $.18 pay bump. The total monetary average rose just $.17 across the board in September for all SSD beneficiaries nationwide.

Best of all, the SSA announced 2019’s COLA raise will be the biggest one we’ve seen since 2012: 2.8%! So if you haven’t yet applied but think you have a valid claim, don’t wait — file yours today.

September 2018 SSD Benefits Statistics - Monthly Monetary Averages

Did you know that writing in the margin on claim forms can get your SSD application denied? Each year, 2 in every 5 first-time filers get turned down for simple paperwork mistakes! When that happens, most people applying for benefits can’t afford to wait the average 17.4 months for an appeals hearing.

Luckily, a Social Security attorney can help you avoid simple mistakes and charges nothing upfront for help. And if the SSA already denied your claim, a lawyer can get your appeal heard faster. All our lawyers work on contingency. That means you’ll never pay anything unless they help you win benefits. And if you do win, the law says you’ll only pay a small, one-time fee.

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