April 2018 SSD benefits statistics report

April 2018 SSD Benefits Statistics Report Analysis

The Social Security Administration (SSA) just issued the April 2018 SSD benefits statistics report. Every month, the SSA publishes a report to reflect any changes in disability claims data for the past 30 days. These reports allow anyone to compare their own disability checks to the current national average payment amount. You can also see how much spousal, survivor and dependent claim numbers and average payments changed during the last month. Below, we’ll highlight major changes in the April 2018 SSD benefits statistics report and how it could affect your claim.

April 2018 SSD Benefits Statistics Update

Total Number of Social Security Disability Beneficiaries: 10,361,000

Disabled Workers: 8,646,000

Spouses of Disabled Workers: 124,000

Children of Disabled Workers: 1,591,000

Average Monthly Social Security Disability Benefit Amount: $1,060.34

Disabled Workers: $1,197.95

Spouses of Disabled Workers: $335.78

Children of Disabled Workers: $369.01

How the April 2018 SSD Benefits Statistics Report Affects Beneficiaries

There are 6,000 fewer total beneficiaries listed in the April 2018 SSD benefits statistics report compared to March. Disabled workers make up most losses, with 7,000 fewer claims for this category. Children of disabled workers added another 1,000 claims in the April 2018 SSD benefits statistics report compared to March. Like most previous months’ reports, spousal claims didn’t change at all between March and April 2018. Whenever SSD beneficiaries die, find work or become eligible for Social Security retirement benefits, the SSA automatically updates these numbers. The SSA also audits each month’s disability rolls for fraud and removes ineligible claimants before publishing the next month’s report.

April 2018 SSD Benefits Statistics - Monthly Beneficiaries

April 2018 SSD Benefits Statistics: Looking Deeper at the Monetary Stats

All beneficiaries in the April 2018 SSD benefits statistics report enjoyed a small raise compared to March’s average check amounts. Total beneficiaries got $.19 added to this month’s checks, while disabled workers got a $.30 raise, on average. Average spousal benefits rose just $.27 in April, while children had the biggest increase with $.54 added to their checks. These across-the-board raises aren’t very common, so these average payment increases may be due to seasonal inflation. If you’re considering applying for SSD benefits, now is a great time to file your disability claim!

April 2018 SSD Benefits Statistics - Monthly Monetary Averages

Pulling together all your medical evidence, claim forms and supporting documents in order to apply for disability can take months. And if you’re turned down the first time you apply, it adds another three months to your average wait time. But here’s the real reason so many people get denied the first time: basic mistakes on the SSD claim forms!

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