February 2024 Veterans Disability Benefits Statistics Report

February 2024 Veterans Disability Benefits Statistics Report

Join us as we review the February 2024 veterans disability benefits statistics report from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. This monthly report reveals how outstanding VA claims numbers changed during the last 30 days. Below, we’ll explain how the VA’s latest numbers may impact veterans and military families currently applying for benefits.

February 2024 Veterans Disability Benefits Statistics: Claims Inventory Status

All benefit applications the VA has currently under review show up in the February 2024 veterans disability benefits statistics report. This statistical snapshot lists all disability, pension, and survivor benefits that either need ratings or the VA’s approval for payment. We are happy to note that the claims inventory shrank more than 3% compared to January’s report:

  • As of February 3, 2024: 1,013,915
  • As of January 6, 2024: 1,048,765
  • Difference: -34,850
  • Daily churn: -1,742.5 claims

Applying for VA benefits this month? You’ll wait about 152 days for a response back about your claim.

The VA currently takes at least 150 days to review each veteran’s claim. That means 6 months from your filing date is the likely soonest you can get VA benefit payments.

According to the February 2024 veterans disability benefits report, these states take at least 6 months to approve claims:

  • Vermont164 days
  • Wyoming164 days
  • New Mexico163 days
  • North Dakota162 days
  • Montana162 days
  • Mississippi161 days

And these states process VA disability cases faster than the rest:

  • Colorado140 days
  • North Carolina144 days
  • Virginia145 days
  • Alaska145.5 days
  • Rhode Island146 days
  • Maryland147.5 days
  • Florida148 days
February 2024 Claims Inventory Status for Veterans

February 2024 Veterans Disability Benefits Statistics: Claims Backlog Status

Next, let’s review the February 2024 veterans disability benefits report’s backlog update. The word “backlog” refers to any claims more than 125 days old that the VA hasn’t finished reviewing yet. Thankfully, the VA’s backlog for February shrank almost 5% compared to last month’s near-historic high:

  • As of February 3, 2024: 397,323
  • As of January 6, 2024: 417,855
  • Difference: -20,532 claims
  • Daily churn: -1,027 claims cleared from the backlog

About 1 in 3 (32.6%) of this month’s backlogged claims are initial applications for pension, VA disability, and survivor benefits. The following veterans are most likely to fall into February’s VA backlog:

  • 45% served in either Iraq or Afghanistan
  • 25% served during Vietnam
  • 19% served during the Gulf War
  • 10% served between the end of Vietnam and the start of the Gulf War
  • Less than 1% served in other wartime service eras (Korea, World War II)

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