Why Was Your Social Security Disability Claim Denied?

Why Was Your Social Security Disability Claim Denied

Whether you’re suffering from a physical or mental disability, you might consider applying for Social Security disability (SSD) benefits, especially if you are unable to work full time. However, getting approval for SSD insurance can be challenging, and there are a variety of reasons the claim can be denied.

These are some of the main causes of SSD denials by the Social Security Administration (SSA):

The Social Security Administration can’t find you: The Social Security Administration needs to be able to communicate with you should questions arise or they need more information. However, if you change your phone number or move without telling the organization, they won’t be able to make contact. If the Social Security Administration  can’t reach out in regards to your application, to schedule an exam or to talk about information you’ve given them, your claim will likely be denied.

You earn too much income: Social Security disability benefits are for people who cannot work because of their disability for at least one year. If you worked during the past 12 months and made $1,010 or more a month, the Social Security Administration will consider you able to maintain substantial gainful activity. This means they don’t consider you disabled enough to not work, so your Social Security disability claim can be denied.

Your disability is because of drugs or alcohol addiction: If you suffer from drug addiction or alcoholism and it contributes to your disability, the Social Security Administration may deny your claim. This will happen if the Social Security Administration determines that you would not still be disabled if you stopped taking drugs or alcohol.

You didn’t provide enough medical evidence: If there is not enough medical proof to back up your claims, the Social Security Administration will most likely not approve your request. Even if your disability is severe, the organization needs medical records, lab tests results, doctor’s notes and other medical evidence showing that you are, in fact, disabled and will be for at least one year, making it impossible to sustain gainful employment.

You’re not partaking in prescribed therapy: If you are not following your doctor’s prescription for therapy, the Social Security Administration can deny your claim on these grounds. However, there are certain excuses that will counter this.

Medically, these include:

  • You have a fear of surgery so intense it would be inappropriate
  • You have a mental illness that makes it impossible to comply
  • You cannot physically participate without help

Non-medical excuses include:

  • Your religious beliefs prohibit you from partaking
  • You can’t afford to pay for treatment
  • Two of your doctors disagree about a prescribed treatment

You aren’t cooperative: The Social Security Administration may need to review your medical records or may request that you be examined by a doctor working for the organization. If you refuse, the Social Security Administration could deny your Social Security disability claim because you refuse to cooperate.

If your initial Social Security Disability claim gets denied, you can always appeal the decision. In either case, hiring a Social Security attorney greatly improves your chances of getting an approval because they understand what is required and how the process works.

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