What Happens After Social Security Disability Approval?

Social Security Disability approval

For many Social Security disability insurance (SSDI) applicants, the claim process can be challenging. But upon receiving your Social Security disability approval, it’s important to have a good understanding of next steps. From knowing when your benefits will begin to knowing what types of medical coverage you may receive, having an idea of what to expect after you are approved is important.

After Social Security Disability Approval, When Do Payments Begin?

According to the Social Security Administration, claimants who win Social Security disability approval get their first payment during the sixth full month after the date their disability began. For example, if your disability started on June 1, you should get your first check in December – six full months after the condition’s onset.

Keep in mind that Social Security disability approval means that benefits are paid the following month. So, you won’t receive your December disability benefits until the following January.

How Much Should I Expect From the SSA After My Social Security Disability Approval?

The amount you’ll get paid in disability benefits is determined by your lifetime earnings. The SSA calculates your maximum monthly benefit amount using your:

  1. Average Indexed Monthly Earnings (AIME), which include up to 35 years’ worth earnings you received while working and contributing to the Social Security fund, and
  2. Your Primary Insurance Amount (PIA), which is the adjusted amount of disability benefits you qualify for once it’s adjusted using what the SSA calls “bend points” (for a detailed chart explaining how this PIA formula changes every year, visit the SSA’s website)

Depending on your earnings record, SSDI recipients may be able to receive up to $3,011 per month in benefits.

Is Health Insurance Included With Social Security Disability Approval?

After you receive Social Security disability approval, you won’t automatically get health insurance right away. In fact, after you’re approved for SSDI, you must wait 24 months before being automatically enrolled into Medicare Part A (hospital insurance) and Part B (health insurance).

Medicare is run by the federal government and specifically covers individuals over 65 and younger people with qualifying disabilities.

Haven’t Received Your Social Security Disability Approval Yet? Don’t Worry!

Getting approved for SSDI benefits can be a challenge. However, a qualified disability advocate or attorney can be one of the best ways to achieve Social Security disability approval. Legal representatives are well-versed in the disability application process and can help you collect proper medical documentation, contact the SSA on your behalf, and appeal an unfavorable decision, if necessary.

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