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SSD Beneficiaries Over 50 In Each State + Avg. Payments (2022 Update)

If you’re over 50 and unable to work due to a health issue, you may wonder, “What is Social Security disability (SSD)? What’s more, how can it help me financially?” Surprisingly, the number of current SSD beneficiaries over 50 ranges from 490,626 in California down to 8,435 in Alaska. Not only can disability benefits help cover basic necessities, but SSD benefits may also help with excess medical expenses that often accompany a disability.

According to the most recent Annual Statistical Report, more than 6.4 million Americans over 50 currently receive SSD benefits. We’ve listed total SSD beneficiaries in the over 50 age category for every U.S. state as well as Washington, D.C. below. In addition, we show the average monthly benefit amount Americans over 50 receive by state. Interestingly, people aged 50-65 make up more than 78% of all SSD beneficiaries in current-payment status:

  • 40% of SSD beneficiaries are more than 60 years old
  • 24% of SSD beneficiaries are between 55-59 years old
  • 14% of SSD beneficiaries are aged 50-54

Total SSD Beneficiaries Over 50 By State As Well As Average Monthly Pay Amounts:

Alabama: 166,474 beneficiaries; $1,255.98

Alaska: 8,313 beneficiaries; $1,264.99

Arizona: 114,553 beneficiaries; $1,329.39

Arkansas: 99,392 beneficiaries; $1,217.27

California: 472,752 beneficiaries; $1,311.61

Colorado: 69,695 beneficiaries; $1,295.04

Connecticut: 58,969 beneficiaries; $1,330.15

Delaware: 21,069 beneficiaries; $1,371.05

District of Columbia: 9,639 beneficiaries; $1,136.10  

Florida: 427,038 beneficiaries; $1,304.43

Georgia: 211,685 beneficiaries; $1,279.98

Hawaii: 15,510 beneficiaries; $1,314.89

Idaho: 31,789 beneficiaries; $1,251.52

Illinois: 200,740 beneficiaries; $1,292.62

Indiana: 149,813 beneficiaries; $1,274.04

Iowa: 56,760 beneficiaries; $1,215.64

Kansas: 51,573 beneficiaries; $1,243.03

Kentucky: 146,368 beneficiaries; $1,221.82

Louisiana: 113,457 beneficiaries; $1,221.82

Maine: 39,075 beneficiaries; $1,197.60

Maryland: 92,353 beneficiaries; $1,329.49

Massachusetts: 134,782 beneficiaries; $1,285.62

Michigan: 247,830 beneficiaries; $1,305.97

Minnesota: 85,550 beneficiaries; $1,269.57

Mississippi: 93,194 beneficiaries; $1,219.43

Missouri: 154,726 beneficiaries; $1,239.91

Montana: 19,406 beneficiaries; $1,209.16

Nebraska: 29,172 beneficiaries; $1,199.30

Nevada: 48,599 beneficiaries; $1,343.87

New Hampshire: 31,900 beneficiaries; $1,315.99

New Jersey: 143,776 beneficiaries; $1,413.69

New Mexico: 46,113 beneficiaries; $1,207.89

New York: 366,998 beneficiaries; $1,319.83

North Carolina: 242,222 beneficiaries; $1,277.75

North Dakota: 10,081 beneficiaries; $1,193.50

Ohio: 251,452 beneficiaries; $1,225.97

Oklahoma: 92,483 beneficiaries; $1,225.82

Oregon: 76,081 beneficiaries; $1,261.16

Pennsylvania: 296,161 beneficiaries; $1,281.82

Rhode Island: 26,296 beneficiaries; $1,259.69

South Carolina:132,954 beneficiaries; $1,303.27

South Dakota: 13,177 beneficiaries; $1,190.34

Tennessee: 181,007 beneficiaries; $1,246.70

Texas: 401,742 beneficiaries; $1,260.67

Utah: 31,561 beneficiaries; $1,272.31

Vermont: 14,804 beneficiaries; $1,202.96

Virginia: 153,580 beneficiaries; $1,290.63

Washington: 120,825 beneficiaries; $1,293.64

West Virginia: 81,534 beneficiaries; $1,268.63

Wisconsin: 114,573 beneficiaries; $1,263.47

Wyoming: 9,707 beneficiaries; $1,279.51

Once you average all payments nationwide, the typical monthly SSD benefit this year is $1,358. In order to ensure you receive the highest benefit amount you qualify for, we strongly recommend having an attorney file your initial SSD application. Need help, but not sure where to find a qualified Social Security attorney? We can, in fact, match you with the closest one who’s available to help you within one business day.

Applicants over 50 are almost 3x more likely to qualify for benefits when a lawyer files their disability claims. In fact, just 1 in every 5 people who applies for SSD receives benefits the first time they apply. If you get denied but win benefits on appeal, it typically takes 418 days for approval. That means you’ll wait as much as 18 months for your first payment!

Those who qualify for legal assistance through our website typically receive $10,000 in lump-sum backpay as well as monthly benefits.

If the SSA won’t approve your application for benefits, then you owe $0 for legal assistance. And if your case wins, then you’ll only pay a small, one-time fee. That’s because every Social Security attorney strictly works on contingency. In other words, you’ll pay nothing up front for legal advice or help reviewing your claim.

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