How Do I Apply for Social Security Disability Benefits?

How to apply for Social Security Disability

There are two ways to file a disability claim with the Social Security Administration. One way is to apply for Social Security disability through an experienced advocate or attorney. The second is to file your claim on your own.

1. Apply For Social Security Disability Benefits With Professional Help

The ability to file a disability claim with the assistance of a Social Security attorney or advocate is beneficial to many people. An experienced Social Security disability advocate will be by your side throughout the entire process in order to ensure you are increasing your chances of being awarded the Social Security disability benefits you deserve. These Social Security disability advocates and attorneys will file all government paperwork for you and eliminate any confusion by answering all questions that may arise during the process.

Having a professional Social Security disability advocate on your side may also increase the likelihood of winning your case! An advocate will save you time and confusion by enabling you to file paperwork quickly, and in return, may significantly reducing your chances of denial based upon any technicalities. Lastly, if needed, a knowledgeable advocate will also be there to promptly file your appeal. This is something you cannot get if you apply for Social Security disability on your own. Keep in mind that advocates operate strictly on contingency basis, meaning the advocate only gets paid if your claim has a successful outcome! For this reason, it is very beneficial for people who need professional help while paying no out-of-pocket costs.

2. Apply For Social Security Disability Benefits On Your Own

The second method is to apply for Social Security disability benefits on your own through the Social Security Administration. In filing on your own you should be aware of the proper documentation needed and the correct procedure that the Social Security Administration follows. This procedure includes and is not limited to; filling out initial Social Security disability claim documents, gathering all medical documentation, communicating and following up with the SSA in regards to your case in a timely manner and solely managing all legal correspondence including attending court hearings or appeals.

Regardless of which route you take to apply for Social Security disability, you must provide the same documentation. It also helps to be knowledgeable about the filing process in order to maximize your benefits. Most people find that relying on an advocate or attorney during difficult times makes the process easier, especially when they can’t risk a longer wait and additional lost wages.

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