How to Get Your Disability Claim Approved Faster

A common question amongst most Social Security disability applicants is how to get your disability claim approved faster. While there’s no way to guarantee a faster approval time, there are certain ways that qualified individuals can better streamline the process.

Expedited Claims Information

One way Social Security disability applicants can qualify for faster approval times is through one of the expedited claims programs the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) has established. These programs include the Compassionate Allowance List (CAL), designed for individuals who suffer from dire conditions; and the Wounded Warrior program, designed specifically for Americans disabled during active military duty. Qualified individuals who apply and are approved under either of these programs often experience a short wait period before receiving a disability benefits approval letter from the SSA.

Contacting a Disability Advocate or Attorney

For individuals who do not suffer from a CAL-approved condition and are not considered a Wounded Warrior, having an experienced disability advocate or attorney on your side may be your best chance at securing a faster approval time. A disability attorney or advocate can:

  1. Ensure all the proper documentation is included in your application
  2. Check on the status of your claim, and
  3. Represent you if an appeals hearing is necessary.

These elements are some of the crucial in better securing a faster approval time. Click below for help with your application and get the benefits you need.

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