September 2017 SSD benefits statistics report

September 2017 SSD Benefits Statistics Overview

The September 2017 Social Security disability benefits report is now available from the Social Security Administration (SSA). This monthly snapshot reveals any updates to the program’s claim numbers from the last 30 days. Future applicants and current beneficiaries can use these reports to compare their benefits check with this month’s national averages. We carefully monitor these reports for any statistical trends that crop up throughout the year. Keep reading to see the biggest changes affecting the September 2017 SSD benefits statistics report in our update below.

September 2017 SSD Benefits Statistics Update

Total Number of Social Security Disability Beneficiaries: 10,450,000

Disabled Workers: 8,736,000
Spouses of Disabled Workers: 128,000
Children of Disabled Workers: 1,586,000

Average Monthly Social Security Disability Benefit Amount: $1,037.89

Disabled Workers: $1,171.97
Spouses of Disabled Workers: $327.91
Children of Disabled Workers: $356.77

How the September 2017 SSD Benefits Statistics Report Affects Beneficiaries

Much like August, we saw a significant drop in overall claimants while reviewing the September 2017 SSD benefits statistics report. In fact, September’s rolls listed 7,000 fewer total beneficiaries compared to August, 6,000 of whom were disabled workers. Spousal beneficiaries fell by 1,000 and children remained static, according to this month’s update. Keep in mind, however, that this lower claimant number for September also includes deceased beneficiaries, fraudulent claimants and those who started working since last month’s report was published.

September 2017 SSD Benefits Statistics - Monthly Beneficiaries

Looking Deeper at the Monetary Stats

One positive note in the September 2017 SSD benefits statistics report is that all beneficiaries received a raise, though the amount varied widely. Spouses of disabled workers saw the biggest jump in monthly benefits, receiving a $1.15 raise since August. Children enjoyed the next-largest increase, with another $.61 added to this month’s checks. In last place, we have the disabled workers themselves, who only saw a slight lift of $.13 per check, on average. Perhaps the most encouraging thing to note is that the SSA announced there would a COLA increase for all SSD beneficiaries in 2018, so we look forward to these numbers steadily rising in the New Year!

September 2017 SSD Benefits Statistics - Monthly Monetary Average

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