November 2017 SSD Benefits Statistics Report

November 2017 SSD Benefits Statistics Report Overview

The Social Security Administration (SSA) just published its November 2017 Social Security disability benefits statistics report. This monthly statistical update reveals any claim numbers that changed during the last 30 days. Both beneficiaries and applicants can compare their payments to national averages listed in each new monthly report. Here, we analyze the November 2017 SSD benefits statistics report for meaningful updates and call out any trends that surfaced within the past year.

November 2017 SSD Benefits Statistics Update

Total Number of Social Security Disability Beneficiaries: 10,427,000

Disabled Workers: 8,711,000
Spouses of Disabled Workers: 127,000
Children of Disabled Workers: 1,589,000

Average Monthly Social Security Disability Benefit Amount: $1,038.73

Disabled Workers: $1,173.15
Spouses of Disabled Workers: $328.67
Children of Disabled Workers: $358.53

How the November 2017 SSD Benefits Statistics Report Affects Beneficiaries

Total beneficiaries fell steadily over the last four months, with 17,000 fewer listed in the November 2017 SSD benefits statistics report than we saw in October. Disabled workers receiving benefits fell by 15,000, making up the bulk of overall beneficiaries lost this month. Both children of disabled workers and spousal beneficiaries fell by 1,000, two categories that saw only small changes over the past year. Of course, November’s lower beneficiary numbers include deceased claimants, fraud cases and people who started working before the SSA published this latest report.

November 2017 SSD Benefits Statistics - Monthly Beneficiaries

November 2017 SSD Benefits Statistics: Looking Closer at Monetary Averages

Surprisingly, children of disabled workers were the biggest winners in the November 2017 SSD benefits statistics report. Their November checks increased by $.47 (on average), but children enjoyed the only raise this month. Checks going to spouses were $.20 less compared to October, while both disabled workers and total beneficiaries lost a penny compared to last month’s payments. We’re expecting these numbers to look radically different in January 2018 after the 2% COLA raise goes into effect.

November 2017 SSD Benefits Statistics - Monthly Monetary Average

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