Louisiana disability claims process

New Louisiana Disability Claims Process Affects 2 in 3 Applicants

The Social Security Administration is changing the disability claims process in 10 U.S. states this year. This change affects 2 in every 3 people filing Louisiana disability claims, the SSA says. Learn how this new process may impact your own SSD benefits application below.

Reconsideration Step Added Into Louisiana Disability Appeals Process

In 2017, just 35% of all SSD applications were approved. (This includes initial claims, reconsideration, ALJ hearings and federal lawsuits combined.) However, only 20% of disability applicants got benefits on their first try. For 20 years, the other 80% requested an appeals hearing before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ). But on January 1, 2019, the SSA added another step called reconsideration that happens before that.

How Long Does A Louisiana SSD Claim Usually Take To Process?

Louisiana SSD claims currently take an average 495 days total to process. However, just waiting for a Louisiana disability hearing before an ALJ takes 405 days, on average. Adding reconsideration back into the appeals process should help some Louisiana disability applicants get approved for benefits faster. Nationwide, it takes the SSA about 77.1 days on average to process disability reconsideration requests.

That means Louisiana disability claims approved at this stage take 167-227 days to process, on average. Louisiana disability claims denied after reconsideration have another 60 days to appeal. You’ll wait another 11-15 months for your appeals hearing, on average, depending on where you live. But here’s good news: Average win rates for Louisiana disability hearings is around 36%.

Average Louisiana Disability Hearing Wait Times & Case Approval Rates By Location

The best place for your Louisiana disability appeals hearing is in New Orleans. That office approves 44% of Louisiana disability appeals cases, and denies just 32%. But you’ll wait 13 months, on average, to plead your case.

Want your appeal heard as fast as possible? Head to Shreveport. There you’ll wait just 11 months for your appeals hearing, but you’re also less likely to win your case. The Shreveport office approves 39% of Louisiana disability cases, on average, and denies 45%. Interestingly, this office also has the lowest case dismissal rates statewide (just 16%).

Metairie’s the worst place for an ALJ hearing in Louisiana, both for wait times and case approval rates. Less than 1 in 3 appeals cases win benefits here (just 29%). Plus, you’ll wait about 15 months for your hearing date.

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