Veterans Are Dying Waiting for VA Care

According to CNN, at least 40 veterans have died in the Phoenix, AZ area while waiting for care from a local VA hospital.

These Veterans were put on a ‘secret waiting list’ which was designed to disguise from Washington officials how long wait times at the VA hospital actually were. This ‘secret waiting list’ had between 1,400 and 1,600 veterans on it, many of whom where forced to wait up to 21 months to receive care, despite the fact that many needed to be treated urgently. Management at the VA hospital in Phoenix would often shred documentation and other evidence in order to hide that any sort of wait list even existed. This was done in an effort to make the VA hospital appear efficient and not behind in patient care. In reality the wait time at the VA hospital was so extensive may veterans died while waiting to see primary care physicians.

When asked about how deaths of people on the ‘secret list’ may have been handled, Dr. Sam Foote, a former doctor at the hospital said, “They can just remove you from that [secret] list and there’s no record that you ever came to the VA for care.” Allegations like these have officials in Washington up in arms, may of whom where not aware of the severity of the problem.

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