Veterans Disability Benefits Statistics – March 2016

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Each month we’ll take a look at the veterans disability benefits statistics released by the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (VA). These statistics will give future and current beneficiaries a good understanding of where the numbers fall each month. Below is a brief overview of what the numbers reveal within the claims inventory and the backlog.

Claims Inventory Status

Each month the inventory status of disability claims are reported by the Veteran Benefits Administration. This category consists of pension and compensation claims that are awaiting a decision from the VA. At the moment, 348,658 claims fall under this category. This number almost 7,000 less than what was reported in Febuary. Similar improvements like this can be seen nearly each month due to the programs 2013 overhaul.

  • As of March 12, 2016: 348,658
  • As of February 15, 2016: 355,530
  • Difference: -6,872
  • Daily churn: -343.6 claims

Claims Backlog Status

Claims that are considered backlogged have been waiting on a ratings decision for at least 125 days. In months past, we saw this number slowly increasing and more and more claims received this classification. Last month alone there were over 5,000 new claims that had entered backlog and were still waiting  a determination.

  • As of March 12, 2016: 83,178
  • As of February 15, 2016: ~83,157
  • Difference: +21
  • Daily churn: +1.05 claims added to the backlog

As you can see from the data above, there is only a difference of 21 applications between last month and this month. This is big news for applicants who have been waiting on approval. The slight increase means that while the number of claims in backlog have remained the same, very few new claims have been added. This could indicate that the administration has taken control of their workload by working to keep buildup down.

If we look at the systems backlog history, the program is significantly down as a whole. Only three years ago the backlog was flooded, at one point reaching over 300,000 claims.

Can An Attorney Help?

Many applicants who are going through the application process will find it beneficial to reach out to a VA-accredited attorney. Attorney know the ins and outs of the system and are a reliable source to turn to when questions arise. A legal representative can help you collect appropriate medical documentation, check on the status of your claim, and if necessary appeal an unfavorable decision.

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