Blind Man Makes Incredible Three-Point Basketball Shot

When Michael Quin, a blind man from Missouri, sunk an incredible 3-point shot at a local college basketball game, he left the crowed roaring in excitement and disbelief. The halftime shot completely overshadowed the men’s basketball showdown game results.

Local Charity Helps Blind Man & Other Disabled Locals Participate in Sports

Quin, a 54-year-old Springfield, MO resident, made the unbelievable shot while attending a College of the Ozarks’ basketball game with the organization Champion Athletes of Ozark. The organization helps disabled individuals participate in a variety of different sports. According to Springfield-area news channel KSPR-TV, Quin experienced a series of falls six years ago. He eventually went completely blind and in 2010 lost much of his mental capacity.

His impairments haven’t put a damper on Quin’s positive attitude or his love for the game. In his interview with KSPR-TV, Quin explained, “I know if I do my best everything else will be okay. I like basketball so much that a lot of times it’s just being with the other athletes and thinking about how great it is to be able to play basketball.”

To accompany his amazing halftime shot, Quin also won a year’s worth of McDonald’s value meals. Quin says he’s not sure how long a year is, but he’s going to really enjoy it. According to ESPN calculations, Quin’s meal prize was worth about $420 in 2014.

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