This Week in Social Security Disability News, March 1 – March 6

Here is a recap of the top stories in Social Security Disability News from this week:

1. 3 Tips for Living with a New Disability:

Living with a disability can be difficult, especially if it is new or unexpected. For 3 helpful tips on how to make living with a disability easier, click here.

2. Can Health Changes Affect Social Security Disability Benefits?

Did you know that changes in your health can impact your Social Security Disability benefits? To learn the 5-step process that the SSA uses to determine eligibility, click here.

3. Visually Impaired Child Goes on the Trip of a Lifetime:

After learning that their 12-year-old son will soon be blind, his parents decided to take the him on a ‘visual bucket list vacation’. To read the full story about his amazing journey, click here.

4. Part 1 & 2: Main Differences Between Social Security’s Disability Programs:

In this two part series, you will get an in-depth look at the differences between SSDI and SSI and how payments from each program may be distributed. For ‘Part 1′ of the series, click here. To continue on to ‘Part 2′, click here.

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