This Week in Social Security Disability News, June 8 – June 14

Here is a recap of the top stories in Social Security Disability News from this week:

1. What Conditions Were Added to the Compassionate Allowance Conditions for Social Security Disability in 2014?:

The Compassionate Allowances list (CAL) was established to help individuals who clearly meet the definition of disability be approved for benefits faster. To see what medical conditions were added to the list in 2014, click here.

2. Can People With Fibromyalgia Get Social Security Disability Benefits?: 

Do you or a loved one suffer from Fibromyalgia? If so, you may qualify for Social Security Disability Benefits. To learn more information, click here.

3. Why There is Such a Long Wait Time For SSD Benefits:

Have you ever wondered why there is such a long wait time for SSD Benefits? We have the answer you’ve been looking for, click here.

4. Why is it Important to Hire A Social Security Disability Lawyer?:

Have you ever considered hiring a lawyer to help you with your SSD claim? For 4 reason why hiring a SSD lawyer may be beneficial, click here.

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