Is Walmart Using a Disabled Man to Ease Criticism?

Walmart has been under a lot of criticism lately for its “Work is a Beautiful Thing” campaign which is a pledge to carrying American manufactured products. In one of their commercials Mike Rowe, the host of ‘Dirty Jobs’, was frowned upon by critics for endorsing a company which in many ways does not live up to his ‘working-class’ values. Another commercial in the campaign featured Canadian rock-n-roll band Rush, which many believed also failed to portray the Americanism Walmart was attempting to aim for.

With all the controversy surrounds Walmart’s campaign, the retail giant released a new campaign on Friday that featured a spokesman no one was expecting. The spokesperson’s name is Patrick and he is a disabled American factory worker. His inspiring story of overcoming adversity and the power of handwork could leave even the most vocal critics speechless, which leaves many to believe that Walmart is attempting to overshadow past campaign failures with an ad many would hesitate to criticize.

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