Visually Impaired Child Goes on the Trip of a Lifetime

iStock_000000477951SmallWhen 12-year -old New Zealand native, Louis Corbett learned his vision was rapidly declining, he made an international ‘bucket list’ of all the places he would like to see for the first and possibly last time.

Louis, along with his two older brothers, suffer from a rare hereditary disorder called Retinitis Pigmetusa, which is a progressive disorder that causes individuals to eventually go blind. Unfortunately, last year Louis and his family learned that his case was progressing faster than expected.

With this bleak diagnosis facing him at such a young age, his parents encouraged him to make a list of all the places throughout the world that he would like to visit. “This year we’re going to try and fill his world with as many beautiful images as we can.” Louis’ mother explained in an interview with CNN. Topping Louis’ list are the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, the Empire State Building and the Google Headquarters. He is also a huge fan of the Boston Celtics and would love to go to one of their games.

With the recent media attention Louis’ story has received, $25,000 has been raised in just 4 weeks in order to make his dreams a reality. In addition, the owner of the Celtics, who happens to have a visually impaired child of his own, has given Louis tickets to see a Celtics home game.

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