This Week in Social Security Disability News (July 6 – July 12)

Here is a recap of the top stories in Social Security Disability News from this week:

1. Social Security Administration Changes Disability Judge Job Descriptions: 

The SSA has officially changed the job description of Disability judges. Could this change affect you and your claim? To find out the answer, click here.

2. Top Reasons SSDI Claims Were Denied in 2012:

Knowing why Americans were denied SSD benefits in the past can help people who are applying for benefits in the future. For the list of the  top 4 reasons for benefit denials in 2012, click here. 

3. Applying For SSI and SSDI:

Looking for more information about applying for SSDI or SSI? This easy to follow infographic may help answer Disability benefits questions you have. For more information, click here.

4. Research: Uninsured and Jobless Don’t Seek SSD Benefits When Other Benefits Expire:  

A new study concluded that uninsured and jobless Americans do not necessarily seek SSD benefits when other benefits expire. To learn more facts, click here. 

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