Social Security Disability Statistics – September 2015

social security disability statistics

Each month the Social Security Administration (SSA) releases a statical snapshot that highlights important aspects about the program. At the end of October the Social Security disability statistics for September were made public. This documentation revealed the number of beneficiaries actively receiving Social Security disability benefits and the average amount of monthly benefits that they are collecting. This information gives current and future beneficiaries a better understanding of where the program is currently at and how their monthly benefits compare to the average. Here is further insight into the report:

Total Number of Social Security Disability Benefit Beneficiaries: 10,812,000

Disabled Workers: 8,921,000
Spouses of Disabled Workers: 144,000
Children of Disabled Workers: 1,747,000

Average Monthly Social Security Disability Benefit Amount: $1,021.92

Disabled Workers: $1,164.94
Spouses of Disabled Workers: $370.80
Children of Disabled Workers: $349.36

What These Statistics Reveal

September’s statistical snapshot from the SSA revealed several things about the program. The number of beneficiaries in the program remains relatively steady, with only slight decreases in the number of beneficiaries since the August 2015 statistical snapshot was released by the SSA. However, the average monthly benefits for spouses and children of disabled workers saw an increase, while disabled workers saw a marginal decrease in their average monthly amounts. Overall the statistics from August to September have held relatively steady without any major shifts within the program.

How a Disability Advocate or Attorney Can Help

If you are considering applying for Social Security disability benefits, you may find it beneficial to contact a disability attorney or advocate in you area. Both disability advocates or attorneys have the experience to assist you with collecting medical documentation, contacting the SSA on your behalf, and if necessary they can appeal your claim if it’s denied. In addition, having tailored support from a legal representative may may attribute to a shorter wait time for disability benefits.

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