Social Security Disability Statistics – October 2015

A couple sitting on the couching looking at Social Security disability statistics for October 2015.

Every month the Social Security Administration (SSA) reveals a series of statistics that highlight the various aspects of the disability program. This November the statistical snapshot for October was released to the public. This documentation provides information about the number of beneficiaries actively receiving Social Security disability benefits and the average amount of monthly benefits that they’re collecting. In all, the monthly snapshot can give current and future beneficiaries a good understanding of where Social Security disability benefits fall, and how their benefits may compare to the average.

Total Number of Social Security Disability Benefit Beneficiaries: 10,815,000

Disabled Workers: 8,923,000
Spouses of Disabled Workers: 143,000
Children of Disabled Workers: 1,749,000

Average Monthly Social Security Disability Benefit Amount: $1,021.87

Disabled Workers: $1,164.92
Spouses of Disabled Workers: $317.86
Children of Disabled Workers: $349.81

What These Statistics Reveal

The October statistics reveal a slight increase in the number of Social Security Disability benefit beneficiaries and a marginal decrease in the average monthly Social Security disability amount from September’s statistical snapshot. This is quite a different outlook from last month which showed the opposite shift from August to September. The October snapshot also revealed that the monetary compensation for spouses of disabled workers is down by $52.94 from September. Other than small fluctuations, benefits seem to be stable from the month prior.

How a Disability Advocate or Attorney Can Help

If you are considering applying for Social Security disability benefits, it’s often beneficial to contact a disability attorney or advocate in you area. Disability advocates or attorneys know the ins and outs of the benefits program and can offer you with any assistance you may need. In most cases they will be able to help you collect medical documentation, contact the SSA on your behalf, and appeal your claim if it’s denied. In addition, having tailored support from a legal representative may may attribute to a shorter wait time for disability benefits.

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