Social Security Disability Q4 Statistics Overview

social security disability

The quarterly statistics for Social Security disability benefits were recently released by the Social Security Administration (SSA). These statistics give beneficiaries insight into how benefits are changing every few months and can point to new trends within the program.

What Q4 Revealed

From first glance the statistics show that 8.9 million beneficiaries are receiving monthly payments from the SSA. This number has remained virtually the same throughout the course of the last two years. This is significant because it indicates that even if small fluctuations happen in approvals and terminations, the overall number of beneficiaries still remains on course.

Digging deeper into the stats, we can see that 562,387 disability applications were filed within the Q4 timeframe. This number is significantly down from the 600,000+ applications that were filed during Q1, Q2, and Q3 of 2015. In fact, the data shows that every year during Q4 there is a 9.8–12.1% drop in the number of applications.

What This Means for Your Claim

The Q4 statistic reveal that less applications are being funneled through the system. This means applicants who apply during this time may be less affected by application backlog. Simply put, if you apply within this timeframe you could potentially experience shorter wait times or be approved faster.

What Can You Do

If you were too late and not able to file in Q4, don’t worry. There are still ways to better streamline the application process. May people will connect with a Social Security disability advocate or attorney in their area to help them with filing their benefits claim. Attorneys and advocates have the trained expertise to help you collect proper medical records, deal with the SSA on your behalf, and if necessary appeal an unfavorable decision.

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