National Cancer Survivors Day and Social Security Disability

National Cancer Survivors Day and Social Security Disability

Special SSD Programs for Cancer Patients and Survivors

Every year on June 7th, National Cancer Survivors Day is celebrated in the United States and around the world. This day pays tribute to the thousands of individuals who have overcome their cancer diagnosis, gives hope to those recently diagnosed and offers support for those impacted by the disease. According to the National Cancer Survivors Day website, this day brings together friends, family members, and medical professionals who are encouraged to participate in community events or organize a community event of their own.

The Social Security Administration has established programs such as the Compassionate Allowance List (CAL) to help provide Social Security disability for individuals who’ve been diagnosed with certain forms of cancer and other serious medical conditions.

Compassionate Allowances List (CAL)

A cancer diagnosis is often unexpected and in some cases can severely prohibit work ability; that’s where the CAL can step in and help. The CAL was designed to provide financial aid in a timely manner to individuals who suffer from conditions that are so severe they automatically meet the SSA’s definition of disability. There are currently 25 different forms of cancer on the CAL list, with the potentially of more conditions being added annually.

When applying for Social Security disability benefits with a CAL condition no additional paper work is needed. The SSA will acknowledge your condition is on the CAL list and further determine eligibility and approval time.

Social Security Disability Advocate Information

For individuals who suffer from a condition on the CAL applying for Social Security disability benefits with the help of a Social Security attorney or advocate can be crucial. Disability advocates and attorneys have the understanding of how to deal with these specific cases and may be able to better ensure you receive the benefits you deserve.

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