Mental Impairments and Receiving Social Security Disability

Mental Impairments and Receiving Social Security Disability

To receive Social Security disability (SSDI) benefits, the Social Security Administration (SSA) determines if the applicant’s medical condition, either physical or mental, is severe enough to impair his or her ability to work for a considerable amount of time. Mental impairments are given just as much scrutiny as physical conditions, but not everyone is eligible for disability benefits.

Reasons Why Mental Impairments May Not Qualify for SSDI

Here are three reasons people with mental impairments may not qualify for Social Security disability benefits:

1. Mental Impairments Don’t Impact Functional Capacity

According to the SSA, it follows an A-B-C criteria system when evaluating mental impairments. The second and third sets of criteria determine the person’s functional capacity by considering the medical evidence and findings.

2. Doesn’t Meet Duration Requirements

The SSA doesn’t provide benefits to those whose impairments are expected to lessen within a certain timeframe. If your physician or mental health provider feels your mental disorder will last for less than a year, you might be found ineligible for disability benefits.

3. Don’t Have Adequate Records

Accurate and current documents are essential for mental impairment SSDI claims. That’s especially true if those records reveal you’ve suffered from your condition for some time. Your best chance of approval on your Social Security disability claim is to Social Security attorney or advocate. The proper representation will ensure you have all of the medical records you require and may be able to analyze if you are lacking any information or documentation. This person can reduce your chances of hearing “no” by identifying any issues with your claim and fixing these problems before your hearing. While an attorney may not catch everything, he or she may drastically improve your chances.

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