Yes, You Can Get Disability Benefits Approved the First Time

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I’m going to step out of our normal way of writing articles to address you directly. Hi, my name is Jack Hawkins, and I’m the radio host for Disability Approval Guide (DAG) Radio. We want to give you the straight facts in a way that is easy to access and understand. You need to know what’s going on in the Social Security world so that you can have the information and the power to get the benefits you need as soon as possible.

How You Can Get Disability Benefits Approved

There’s a myth out there that says you never get disability benefits approved on your first application. That’s a myth. It’s a myth born, no doubt, of sincere concern and encouragement to those who have been denied. Still, too many disabled Americans don’t start their applications because they believe they won’t ever get disability benefits approved. What they don’t know is that every single day is worth money from the SSA, starting when your doctor says you’re 100% disabled and will be for at least 12 months. You may be able to get backpay for every day you’re NOT paid disability benefits, so this is a myth we really want to address.

How Hard Is It To Get Disability Benefits Approved on the First Try?

Admittedly, it’s hard to get disability benefits approved from the SSA. In recent years, only 23% of first-time applicants were able to get disability benefits approved. Those are some tough odds. But that doesn’t mean you won’t get approved. If you’re worried about your application, you can get a disability lawyer. Here’s what you should know about disability lawyers: they can’t charge you anything from your monthly benefits. They only get 25% of your backpay. So they’re very, very motivated to get you as much backpay as possible. If you don’t get any backpay, they don’t get paid. It’s that simple.

Let’s look at the real numbers and see how to get disability benefits approved through the system faster.

About the Radio Show

My goal as your radio host is to give you the most accurate information possible to get you the benefits you need. I’ll talk about disability lawyers quite a bit, because the SSA has said that they are your best shot at getting approved, and getting a decision faster. But make no mistake, my first concern is you—not the attorneys.

We’ll keep each episode under 20 minutes (mostly). Some may go a little over, and some may only be 5 minutes. I want to give you the information you need, and then I want to stop talking. That way you know that every minute you spend with DAG Radio will be time well spent.

Leave me a comment here if you have any questions, and let me know if there are any topics you really want me to discuss. You’re my audience, and when you’re happy, I’m happy.

All my best,

Jack Hawkins

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