CAL: The Social Security Disability Fast Track

social security disability fast track

The compassionate allowance program (CAL program), was established in 2008 in order to help American’s with severe medical conditions get approved for Social Security Disability benefits faster.

Background on CAL

Since 2008 about 200,000 individuals with severe medical conditions have received Social Security Disability benefits through the expedited program and have avoided extensive wait times. The CAL program has added over 225 medical conditions to it’s list since it was initially put into place. Every year more conditions are added in order to adequately ensure that American’s who are suffering from dire medical issues receive Social Security Disability benefits as soon as possible. 95% of Social Security Disability applicants who apply though the compassionate allowance program are approved, in fact some claims may see approval in a little over 2 weeks.

Do I Qualify?

Individuals who meet the qualifications for Social Security Disability though the expedited application process must suffer from a medical condition on the Social Security Administration’s CAL list. If you have a medical condition on the list you need to determine what your next step in the application process will be. Having a Social Security Disability advocate or attorney helping you through the process may not only improve your chances of approval, they may be beneficial when determining what medical records will be necessary  for your expedited claim.

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