This Week in Social Security Disability News (March 29 – April 4)

Here is a recap of the top stories in Social Security Disability News from this week:

1. The Basics on Musculoskeletal Disorder and SSD Approval:

If you have a Musculoskeletal disorder it is important that you know the basics of Disability benefits approval. For the 3 things you need to know now, click here. 

2. 6 Ways an Attorney May Help Your Social Security Disability Claim:

Having a Social Security Disability advocate or attorney on your side when applying for Disability benefits may be extremely beneficial to you and your claim. To learn 6 ways an advocate or attorney may benefit you, click here.

3. Applying for SSI and SSDI:

Are you thinking about applying for SSI or SSDI? This easy to follow chart may give you a better understanding of what to expect when applying, click here.

4. Have a Mental Impairment? 3 Reasons Why Your SSD Claim Was Denied:

If you have a mental impairment and are denied Social Security Disability benefits we understand how frustrating it can be. For the 3 reasons why your claim may have been denied, click here.

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