This Week in Social Security Disability News, Feb 22 – Feb 28

Here is a recap of the top Social Security Disability News stories from this week:

Disability News Story #1: Inside the Social Security Disability Claims Approval Process

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes during the disability approval process? For an inside look at what happens, click here.

Disability News Story #2: 6 Reasons Why You Should Apply for Social Security Disability Benefits Now

If you have held off on applying for Social Security disability Benefits, don’t wait any longer. For the top six reasons to apply for benefits right now, click here.

Disability News Story #3: Faster Disability Benefits Claim Procedure for Veterans

Starting on March 17, 2014, there’s a new (and faster!) disability benefits review process from the VA. This newer, faster review period may help qualified veterans receive the disability benefits they need and deserve. For more information, click here.

Disability News Story #4: Rare Disease Day 2014

February 28th marks Rare Disease Day for 2014. This day is dedicated to raising awareness and improving patient care. To learn more about Rare Disease Day, click here.

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