Researchers Discover A Link Between Sitting and Disability

A Link Between Sitting and Disability

Disability may now be linked to sitting extra hours during the day. According to a new study released by the Journal of Physical Activity and Health, even an extra hour of sitting each day could result in a 46% increase of disability in individuals over 60. Studies show that signs of disability could occur even if the individual is regularly active.

How to Mitigate Your Health Risks From Sitting All Day

Dorothy Dunlop, the study’s lead author from The Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago, studied over 2,286 adults over the age of 60. Over the course of 3 years participants wore accelerometers, a device designed to monitor physical activity and inactivity. At the end of the study researchers found that just an extra hour of activity a day could have countless health benefits.

Though more research is needed to fully determine if there is a direct link between sitting and disability, the idea of a possible link has medical professional curious of disability prevention in the future.

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