40 People Arrested for Social Security Disability Fraud in Puerto Rico

Social Security disability fraud Photo Courtesy Of: commons.wikimedia.org

U.S. Attorney Rosa Emilia Rodriguez recently announced that 40 individuals have been arrested for connection to a Social Security disability fraud ring that was being run out of Puerto Rico. Amongst the 40 individuals arrested was a psychiatrist named Luis Escabi-Perez.

FBI Indicts 40 People In Social Security Disability Fraud Ring Sting

According to the FBI’s webpage, “[Escabi-Perez] would charge applicants $500 for psychiatric medical records to the SSA and $5,000 to backdate medical records in order to create the appearance of a longer history of medical treatment.”

Cases like these are why many legislative officials in Washington want to crack down on disability benefits. Fraudulent claims only hurt the disability benefits program, which was designed to provide monthly monetary support to disabled American workers.

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