American Father Deported From UK Due To Cancer

American Father Deported Due To Cancer diagnosis

Ralph Marx, 56, has been married to his British wife Lorraine since 2001. Together they have been raising their 10-year-old daughter Alexandra and living in Great Britain. Marx, an American citizen, had decided to not apply for permanent residency in Great Britain. (This comes despite his wife and daughter’s United Kingdom citizenship status.) This meant he was only allowed to stay in the county for up to 6 months at a time under “visitor status.”

Cancer Diagnosis Leads to American’s Deportation From the UK

Recently, Marx was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, a rare and very aggressive form of cancer. His cancer diagnosis forced him to have to stay in the hospital under supervised care. With his six-month visitor status visa limitation rapidly approaching, Marx had to decide what would be the best thing for him and his family. According to The Argus, Marx surrendered his passport and applied with the British House Office for family leave in order to remain in the UK with his wife and young daughter. Unfortunately, his request was denied and while still battling his cancer, Marx was forced to leave Great Britain right away.

British Judge Overrules Deportation Decision

A judge subsequently overruled the British House Office’s decision, claiming that Marx did comply with the terms of his visa. The House Office is now appealing the judge’s decision, claiming that the judge did not follow the terms of the UK’s immigration laws correctly.

During this pivotal time in this life, cancer patient Marx still remains in the United States awaiting a final decision.

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