Social Security Disability Benefits
It can be tough to get Social Security Disability benefits on your own. Individuals frequently make errors resulting in a DENIAL OF THEIR BENEFITS or LONG DELAYS. Applying for disability or appealing a denial can be stressful and cause serious financial strain for a family. Your odds of approval and receiving your benefits promptly can be significantly improved by having a representative or attorney guide you through the application or appeal process. For a free evaluation, click here.

The Social Security Disability Insurance Program
Many people are under the misconception that the Social Security Disability Insurance is a welfare program. This is incorrect!

The Social Security Disability Insurance program is similar to your auto or property insurance policy. This government program, managed by the Social Security Administration, is for insured workers who become disabled and are no longer capable of working. Benefits typically extend to their surviving spouses and children. The premiums for this disability insurance are financed by both FICA tax withheld from your paycheck and your employer’s contributions. If you are no longer capable of performing work and are approved for SSDI benefits, these funds can be obtained for your financial assistance.

If you need help with a Social Security Disability benefit application or appeal, our member advocates and attorneys can assist you. Click here for a FREE EVALUATION of your claim. There is no cost or obligation!

Here's how to make sure you get it right....
Already applied and need to know what's next? How long? What's the status?
Don't give up! Many people who first get denied are later approved. Here's what to do..
Testimonials was a great service. I received a free evaluation of my benefit claim, no strings attached! Choosing to work with an advocate was the best decision I've made. My claim was approved much more quickly than I had hoped. - Jon P., Scottsdale
Thank you for your help in filing the proper paperwork for my claim appeal. I was stressed about the entire appeal process, and wanted to get it right this time. I didn't know how to begin. I'm grateful that you helped me through the appeal process and I received my benefits. - Mike S., Chicago

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